The Secret Cure LAUNCH!

Today is the day! After years of work, The Secret Cure is out in the world. Preorders have manifested in Kindle libraries, like magic! Ebooks can be downloaded and read! If you buy now, you can start reading in seconds. I’m SO EXCITED to share this story with you!

A gripping psychological thriller with a twist.

She’s getting better. He has no clue. That’s exactly the way she wants it. 

To pull off the perfect revenge, her cure has to remain a secret…

The official blurb (below) will tell you what the story is about. But not only is the concept fascinating, there are a handful of fun facts that make this read unique. Here are a few:

  • The ending changed 4 times before the final version. (Bah!) Endings can be tricky, especially for thrillers. For this one, I was reluctant to literally “kill my darlings.”
  • The MC’s temporary paralysis is a real condition–though an extreme case–called Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  • Another character has a synesthesia-like PTSD from her time as a medic in the Iraq War. Synesthesia is a fascinating condition that mixes up the the senses. Think colors for feelings, etc. A brilliant treatment of this is in The Color of Bee Larkham’s Murder by Sarah J. Harris.
  • The book is international, for many reasons. One of which is the fact that the publisher, Darkstroke Books, is based in Paris.
  • A major character (the mistress) is Russian. I studied abroad in Russia in the 90s just after the Cold War, and ended up majoring in Russian language. Hence, Russian culture references and phonetically spelled Russian words are sprinkled throughout.
  • Because I got the idea for the story while at a resort in Sicily, part of the book is set there. And Mount Etna is featured. Hence, the antagonist (the cheating husband) is Sicilian. Italian phrases are sprinkled in, too!

Official Blurb

In her mid-30s, Rosalie Giordano is in the prime of her life. Long saved from the manipulative hands of her mother, she’s been married to her fairy tale hero for ten blissful years. Vincent is sweet and strong, and stunning as hell—and completely enamored of her.

Just as they begin to plan for a family, Rosalie is diagnosed with a mysterious virus that renders her temporarily paralyzed. As days stretch to weeks, then months, she learns not only is her condition chronic, but the love of her life is having an affair.

As her health improves, a slow burn of vengeance simmers in her heart. With the help of her homecare nurse, she regains full mobility. While hiding the truth from her husband, she uncovers the extent of his betrayal…and learns he is not at all who he seems. Their planned anniversary trip overseas gives her the perfect occasion for revenge.

But at the fancy Sicilian resort, Rosalie is not the only one with a score to settle with Vincent. And in the end, she’s not the only one with blood on her hands…

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