Turning the page to 2023

As usual, 2022 ended with busy holiday revelry and fun family time. In the past, transitions to a new year hadn’t phased me beyond having to remember what date to write on my checks. But welcoming 2023 felt different.

This is the year I turn 50. The number doesn’t scare me, but it does offer an opportunity for reflection on the past decade — as it was the decade author JD Spero came to be!

I published my first book, Catcher’s Keeper, at 41. Self-pubbed through much trial and error at a time when self-publishing was still new and shrouded in skepticism. It’s one of my proudest achievements. Soon after, I signed Forte (2015) and then Concerto (2017). Then, I felt I finally “made it,” signing with Immortal Works Press to publish my long love, small town mystery Boy on Hold (2019) and then Boy Released (2021).

Last year, I signed with Darkstroke Books to release The Secret Cure the day after my 49th birthday, which became an Amazon bestseller and logged its 100th review on New Year’s Eve.

I’m thrilled to distract from my ominous half-century birthday with TWO new releases in 2023! In March, you will see The Muse Next Door hit the proverbial shelves. It’s a feel-good, small town, enemies-to-lovers romance with a bit of a twist. Perfect to take on your next vacation, tucked into your beach bag. Stay tuned, cover reveal is coming soooooooon! (I’ve seen a few iterations and it’s gorgeous!) This is brought to you by Winding Road Stories, a new publisher I’m excited to work with.

My “mood board” for MUSE I used to pitch the story idea…

And then in August comes Hack Ware, a fast paced cyber thriller that will zoom you into a dystopian New York City where half the human population are droids and a computer virus threatens to obliterate them. This is one of a two-part series and is another gem from Immortal Works Press. For this, we’re already deep in the editing process and it’s coming along great. Buckle your seatbelts for this one. It is a thrill!

Mood board for HACK WARE

People often ask if I’m writing another book. The answer is YES! My favorite part of the writing process is creating something from nothing and I always try to have a fresh story going at all times. My current WIP is an erotic romantic suspense based on a sweetheart scam with an unexpected twist. You’ll have to wait to hear details, but hopefully that will release sometime in 2024!

Thank you to all my readers. Having books published means nothing if no one reads them…

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