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A former schoolteacher herself, JD Spero loves speaking to students and visiting classes ranging from upper elementary to high school. In either a large assembly or a classroom workshop, she aims to ignite a creative spark, make parallels with state standards and the school’s mission statement, and encourage the love of reading and writing.

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Author Visit at Exeter High

Visit at Exeter High School, showing off my T-shirt: “Holden Caulfield thinks you’re a phony.”


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Click the link below to watch an assembly at Exeter High in New Hampshire.


What Educators are Saying…

Having taught “Catcher in the Rye” for 25 years, I was eager to attend Johannah Spero’s discussion of her sequel, because, like my students, I always worried about what would become of Holden and his family. “Catcher’s Keeper” is set about 20 years later and is told from multiple viewpoints, so it is a continuation, but also a departure regarding time, point of view, characterization and narrative style.

I really liked being back with the Caulfields, warts and all. The vulnerability of the mother and her inability to handle the grieving of her children explains much of what ensued after Allie’s death. The Phoebe-like character retains her sensitivity and generosity into adulthood, while the D.B.- like character assumes a more significant role. I read it very quickly as I know many students will do the same. Invariably, when we would finish Catcher, they would ask, “What else do you have that is like this?”

Johannah’s enthusiasm is contagious and I could only think how much her students must love her classes. I wholeheartedly recommend this presentation.

–          Suzanne Merrill, Queensbury High School, NY (Retired)

What a day!  My first impression of Johannah’s was that it’s obvious she is a former teacher. She not only spoke with clarity and ease, but she engaged a class full of teenagers on a hot summer day all without breaking a sweat. Her presentation was flawless. She kept students engaged by asking them questions and allowing time for them to chat, write and ask their questions. She even led them through an activity designed to help anyone outline a novel. It’s obvious by her ease with teenagers that Johannah is still a teacher at heart.  We were very lucky to land a visit from this upcoming rock star and wish her luck on her newest novel! Thanks again!

      Kristina Peterson, Exeter High School

It was amazing! You could have heard a pin drop for an hour. Mrs. Spero captured the attention of each and every student. I have been teaching writing at various levels for my entire teaching career and was happy for the opportunity to have read a book and been able to ask the author why she made those choices she used in her book. Writing isn’t a mysterious process. Mrs. Spero explained how she edits her writing five or six times and works with four or five editors who make cuts and suggestions. She also shared where she finds her inspiration. I consider having a published author answer thoughtful questions asked by our students one of my favorite teaching moments.

– Georgianna Bull, ELA teacher STEP Program, SAEC