Catcher’s Keeper

Alternate reality “What if” story that asks the question: What if Holden Caulfield were around when John Lennon was killed?


Mark David Chapman John Lennon's killer December 8 1980 Catcher's Keeper

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2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter-finalist

Catcher’s Keeper is a perfect read for bookclubs, guaranteed to garner a great discussion. Contact me today to put Catcher’s Keeper on your bookclub calendar.

What if Holden Caulfield were around when John Lennon was shot?

In 1980 John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman, who believed he was Holden Caulfield. Chapman waited at the scene, calmly reading the classic The Catcher in the Rye, which he later offered as “his statement.”

What if Holden had been able to meet Chapman, learn of his terrorist plan, and stop the tragedy from happening? Catcher’s Keeper follows Alden (Holden) to New York City after he discovers his brother has stolen and published his journal. But when one fan misinterprets the journal-now-book as an order to kill John Lennon, can Alden and his brother work together to prevent the killing?

Inspired by a true story yet told from the point of view of Holden and his siblings, Catcher’s Keeper calls into question the sanctity of the written word—and the lengths a person will go to for his family.

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Cover by Joleene Naylor.

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Sitges, Spain (Photo by Daniel J. Gibbs)

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